musical theatre 


stage design

I graduated as a scenographer from the Academy of Art in Milan (1983-1987) and I carry out stage design for productions featuring both adults and children, as well as plays and musical theatre.

Although I generally endeavour to ensure simplicity and functionality, my stage designs can be exceptionally varied in their expression in order to reflect the atmosphere of the play, as well as taking into account practical conditions at the venue concerned: the result can range all the way from the most naturalistic to the most abstract.

I’ve produced stage designs for theatres in Aalborg such as Det Hem’lige Teater, Jako Bole Teater and the sixth–form college at Hasseris Gymnasium in Aalborg, the North Jutland Opera Company, the Academy of Music, Aalborg, regional theatres in Skørping, Himmerland and Randers, the carnival in Aalborg, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, etc.

In addition, I’m a member of The Association of Danish Scenographers, with which I’ve taken part in several study trips, including ‘Theatertreffen’ in Berlin, the Edinburgh Festival and the film studios in Mumbai.



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